The Fastest Way to Turn Lab Requests into Revenue

 TiZE software allows your company to convert up to 70% more of lab requests into revenue

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Industry Average

Converted Labwork Requests - About 30%
Wasted Time and Resources - Over 70%

TiZE Average

Converted Labwork Requests - Over 70%
Wasted Time and Resources - Under 30%

How much is it worth it to You?

To convert 1 additional lab project a week into revenue, or over 50 more projects a year?

To save 100’s of hours wasted on tracking projects and their latest statuses?


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Save hours and dollars with a collaboration software that’s actually easy to use

The simplest approach to software awaits you

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View reports in real time

Speed up the time to report on your data

In order to speed up your efficiency, TiZE built out the ultimate reports module for coatings and other speciality chemicals companies. With TiZE’s one click access to your preferred reports updated in real time, your company saves big on time spent reviewing spreadsheets and emails

Customizable real time reports you can save

Want to know the current amount of projects by technology? The average project completion rate? Something else? Get ready to shift into high gear for your weekly and periodic performance reviews with customizable reports you can save for later.


“One of the 20 Most Promising PLM Technology Solution Providers in 2015”


CIO Review 

Who on my team should use this?

Salespeople, chemists, lab managers, technical leads and business managers find TiZE to be the best way to cut the noise around Lab Work Requests.

How is this different than other software?

Unlike other software that takes many months to set up and configure, TiZE can be running in less then a week because it’s already designed for the coatings industry.  We’ve removed hundreds of hours of IT time and hidden costs that come with custom software solutions.

How secure and reliable is this?

We’ve partnered with Rackspace, the number one managed cloud company so that your data is perpetually protected under the most up to date security measures. Industry leaders like Virgin, Mazda and Xero rely on Rackspace to protect billions of people’s data.

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